Taming Wild, The Finished Work

Posted on March 22nd, by Stephanie Bartron-Miscione in Blog, Taming Wild. 7 comments

More Backstory Audio below:



View Taming Wild, on Exhibition
@ Keating Gallery
842 East Valley Road
Basalt, CO 81621
(970) 925-7042

7 thoughts on “Taming Wild, The Finished Work

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    This work is beautiful. I see why this piece is in a Colorado gallery. Is this painting one of a series? This spring I traveled to the SouthWest for the first time. It is like another country.
    Again we did not get together and you are probably on your way to Maine.
    Hi Scott.

  2. Not only is the saddle rich in color and texture, but as I hear the story behind the saddle I feel drawn to it even more. It is indeed a beautiful work of art thank you for painting it.

  3. It is exquisite, Stephanie, and I was entranced by your comments on the work. Bravo! to you for the months and hours of painstaking effort. This is a major achievement!


  4. I’ve never literally seen you at work, as will be true for most people who will experience your painting. All the more precious your narrative. What a gift to me and all, this timeless illumination that is your vocation, as well as the priceless result!

  5. Your masterpiece drew me in to look in wonder and with amazement. The depth of it, in so many respects, unfathomable, yet your painting reaches out and speaks profoundly – and more so thanks to your sharing. Intense, masterful, and awe inspiring!

  6. This is a truly beautiful piece with such incredible detail. I hope someone seeing it in Colorado falls in love with it and makes the purchase. Hope you and Scott are well.

  7. To everyone who wrote these lovely saddle sentiments – they get right to the heart of what I wanted to happen in this painting. All visual art anticipates an audience, and what has been said in your comments validates the intentions that I set for this work more than two years ago.
    Thank you,

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