One Horn Finished

Posted on May 5th, by S. Bartron-Miscione in Blog. 3 comments

one horn finished

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  1. Hi Stephanie, I just love the detail!

    May I ask you a process-related question? I was never much of a painter and I was just curious, when you are working, do you at times make strokes which were not your intended movement of the hand or perhaps just didn’t land the way you had wanted and if so, what happens next? Do you correct it or do you build the piece around the detail which perhaps wasn’t laid on the canvas as you had wanted it to be but which now has become part of the process of taking the object to the canvass through you?

    Just curious since I have no idea how you do what you do ūüôā

    • You are the second person to ask me about mistakes recently! ¬†It’s a great question for a painter working from life – after all, it is realism without the safety net. ¬†For me, the creative process is about finding the way to paint what I choose to present, depict, imbue and define with my subject matter. ¬†I’m not interested in painting a photographic or scientific reality, but rather an emotive “realness” that can change the context of the ordinary – that’s the goal. ¬†I make mistakes and struggle to get there, but I’m really clear about what I want to happen in my work. ¬†Starting over is never an option, unless I change direction in the very beginning with the preliminary drawings on vellum. ¬†Often, in the morning when I come¬†back to the work I can see a solution that I didn’t figure out the day before, because I’m looking with fresh, rested eyes. ¬†A mistake can be fixed by lifting color with a clean damp brush, letting it dry and painting over it. ¬†Occasionally something unintended happens that works better than what I thought I wanted. ¬†In that case, I have to make little adjustments to other parts of the composition to allow for a new reality. ¬†It’s a slow reveal, but I look for it with my whole heart and head.

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