“Michelangelo.., Crustacea Momma”

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I wanted to post this poem that was written by a collector of my work. The poem is about my paintings, my creative process, and about living with my work. I posted a blog entry a little over a year ago about creating a print that this collector commissioned for his spectacular dinning room, using the image: A Night In Frenchboro. He wrote this poem and I asked for permission to add it to my website blog, to which he agreed.

The original article regarding the print can be found by clicking here. The poem is below.



“Michelangelo.., Crustacea Momma”

Thriving in her artists studio.., high on old Pickering Farm,
The house on a knoll, midst garden hollyhocks and two barns,
There, in artistic splendor, creating both relevance and charm,
Vivid images of “sinister looking denisons”.., innocent.., meaning no harm.

Joy expressed in her reflections of this crustaceous, bay borne soul,
A fellow consigned for consumptive delight in a steam pot.., oh so droll,
At a crossroads in the deep.., voraciously approaching a trap.., his “grassy noll”,
Wandering pell mell and wriggling into prison.., there to await his life’s final toll!

These images we savor.., as our artist so deifies them in her studio toil,
Festooned in lace.., or blushed and red faced.., following a hot steam pot boil,
Images of opulent gourmet splendor…, awaiting decadence in buttery oil,
Gathered in this full spectrum of imagination.., our senses delightfully recoil.

My homes walls now stand “truly graced”.., by the images she divines,
Countless hours of intricate artistry, tracing the magic of her lines,
In each pose of her “noble subject”..,her pencil and brush, so deftly defines,
A unique expression of her art form, by a “master courtier” of design.


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