Detailed Study of Colorado Flower

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This detailed study of Columbine was painted in June of 2013, it was my first decision about the Colorado still life:

Coming And Going.

I gave myself all of the visual information necessary to paint from when I was ready to add it to the composition without living specimens  available.  Most of my paintings have a botanical element, which always serves as an eloquent reminder of the glory and fragility of life. When I painted the Columbine into my composition I used the two in profile, which worked best hanging and made the flowers easily identifiable.  I also intensified the color to give the two little blooms comparable visual weight beside the bighorn sheep.  The message is that life trumps death, for me they say that wholeheartedly in full volume.On the other side of the big horn I painted a polished shell that looks jewel-like, My goal was to produce a visual gem that could convey something about preciousness on an emotional level.

I intend to finish this painting by the end of November 2014. I estimate that I am within 100 – 130 hours of completion.  A Colorado gallery that I believe to be a good venue for my work has invited me to be their guest artist, and they want the painting to go on exhibition as soon as it can be delivered to the gallery.

Ann Korologos Gallery
211 Midland Ave
Basalt, CO 81621

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