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This blog is intended to be a forum for women who work in the arts, to highlight and discuss: the issues, concerns, rewards and goals – the reality of being an artist.


Not a Still Life Painter Anymore

Posted on May 30th, by Stephanie Bartron-Miscione in Blog, Creative Conversation. 13 comments

Summer in New York: New Work (May 2019)

At the end of my first six months of living solo during a Maine winter – following a long-term marriage – I moved out of two fabulous family homes – with studios to die for. My new start began in Annapolis, MD, during the first week of May 2018. While settling into a new town; with lots of help, love, and fun from two friends that I grew up with in SD – who are more like family than friends – I committed myself to the stages of a healing process.

When I recovered enough to know that I needed to get back to work, I began honing my senses in a search for objects from my new surroundings that would speak to me about visual tags to this beautiful place! I was looking … Read More »

Georgia O’Keeffe

Posted on June 10th, by S. Bartron-Miscione in Creative Conversation. 8 comments


Georgia: A Novel of Georgia O’Keeffe, was a very good book recommendation for me, and I appreciate being included in the conversation about it — thank you, Esther. I am interested in sharing thoughts about women working in the arts: how our issues are the same as other women who work, and how our personal histories are unique to the creative process.

Reading Georgia was stunning to me, because I saw so much common ground in the story of OK’s life, (as one of her friends referred to her), which was a little creepy: like the author lifted material from the blog on my website about the things that source my subject matter and the “realness” I’m looking for in the forum of realism.  On the other hand, there is probably much that all women who paint will have in common … Read More »